Sheri Yohe, after struggling with various health issues from her early years, was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1993. She was only 37 years old! Not willing to accept the ‘life-debilitating sentence’ she began her search for a solution. Now at age 56 she has more energy and vitality then when she was a teenager. This book is written to share with you the amazing discovery that turned her life from a daily struggle with pain and fatigue to one filled with exciting possibilities.

The solution she found is quite simple and easy to implement.

Sheri has a passion to help people who suffer with pain and fatigue. She is an enthusiastic, educator who has taught numerous health classes, lead out in organizing healthy Supper Clubs and has developed and taught Raw Food Chef certification classes.

Sheri graduated from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in 2013, where she was trained as a Raw Food Chef Instructor and Health Educator.



Sheri has a history of working in the natural health field. She attended two lifestyle centers for health recovery, Uchee Pines in Seal, Alabama as well as Lifestyle Center of America in Ardmore, Oklahoma where she was trained in natural ways to restore her health. She worked as Lifestyle Center Director of Living Springs Lifestyle Center in Roanoke Alabama for two years where she supervised the construction of the center and directed lifestyle programs. Sheri did an internship in the kitchen of the raw food restaurant in Atlanta Georgia – Lov’in It Live, took the 10-day course at Living Foods Institute, also in Atlanta. Sheri was also trained as a Raw Food Chef through Alissa Cohen and Jenari Health Institute.

This book is a step-by-step guide for preparing raw food along with practical education about ‘why’ raw food is such a valuable addition to our daily life.


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Russell James


A Raw Food Chef His recipes have always exceeded my expectations! Check him out.

Dream Tree Family


As people learn and find out about the benefits of All natural ceramic based Alkaline Water, they get hooked and their lives ar changing forever! Read a few people's testimony of how it has changed theirs. Maybe it will do the same for you.

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I have a Pure Trim shake almost every morning. It is a super yummy, nutritious base for my spirulina, chlorella, Mila, frozen blueberries, and more …. Try their delicious truffles at only 25 calories each, which suppress the hunger and satisfy the sweet tooth. For a fun recipe for the shake mix click here.




Brain food for increasing focus and clarity, lowering stress levels, increasing energy and endurance and sustaining a balanced mood.

Young Living Essential Oils


I use these oils in food preparation. They are fabulous!! I will be featuring some delicious recipes on this website using these essential oils in the days ahead.



Since 1973, Excalibur has manufactured dehydrators in Sacramento, California.


Dry fruits & vegetables. Dehydrate meat for jerky. Make your own granola. Dry fruit puree into a fruit roll-up. Make all-natural pet treats. Use for arts & crafts. And much more! Dry it, you’ll like it!

Vita Mix


This is my absolute favorite appliance! I don’t think I could function without a high power blender and this is the best one in my opinion.